Kamstrup heat meters

Brunata OOD is the exclusive representative of Kamstrup a / s for Bulgaria.

Among the most popular Kamstrup products are heat meters MULTICAL®303, MULTICAL®403, MULTICAL®603 and others.

Kamstrup is a global leader in the production of heat. Their meters are of the highest quality and are produced according to MID EN1434 - rigorous European standard that ensures the accuracy and quality remain constant. ULTRAFLOW flow sensors use microprocessor technology and ultrasonic measuring techniques.

The flow is measured using a bi-directional ultrasound-based method for transit time, with evidence of long-term stability and accuracy. All circuits for calculating and measuring are collected on a board that provides a compact and rational design in addition to the extremely high level of accurate and reliable measurement.

Brunata is responsible for warranty and service of appliances.

Detailed information about Kamstrup products can be found at Kamstrup.com



multical 303



MC 403



multical 603





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