Metrological verification of heat meters - a complex service with on-site visit

prov toplomeri

According to the Bulgarian legislation, the verification of the apartment meters is mandatory every five years. It can be made as prescribed by the heat cost allocation company or on the initiative of the client in 5 or more years from the installation of the device.

For the convenience of our customers Brunata provides complex service to examine the apartment meters together with authorized metrology laboratory AC Boyana AD. The service includes disassembly, assembly and sealing. It is recommended in the months outside the heating season.

What to do when the screen of the apartment meter is out?

Most probably this is a signal that the battery is extinguished. In this case it is necessary to contact the heat cost allocation company. Depending on the model of your device the battery can be replaced or will require replacement of the entire device.

Important: The heat cost allocators are not subject to metrological verification.


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