The prophylactic of the substation is mandatory before the start of the heating season. It is carried out by technical personnel and includes the review of the facility, cleaning of filter elements, settings, and more.


Open the radiator valves

Before the start of the season, all radiator valves in the building should be open to the maximum of five days. This has to be done in order to release the radiator from the air. Otherwise, the radiator would not warm well.


Check electronic heat cost allocators

Brunata advises clients to check the screens of electronic heat cost allocators. If the screen is off or faded, it is necessary to contact us for battery replacement or if the customer wishes – device replacement.


When the apartment is empty

In cases where the home will not be used, customers can apply for zero-forecast consumption in the office of Brunata. This requires the written consent and signatures of at least two neighbors and building manager.